isolutions.IO - it is a global software and technology company for industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare and finance.


We offer modern solutions in the financial area, which are going to make your business more mobile, more convenient for partners and the consumers, and bring it in accordance with the latest client needs. 

A modern market dictates special requirements for financial relations. The easier is their scheme for an end client, the higher is the loyalty of your customers, and your income, as a result. iSolutions is engaged in the development and introduction of innovative technologies in the financial area, which allow you to easily control your financial flows while allowing your customers to make payments easily and with comfort. 

We offer:

·     The development of platforms for money transfers C2C and B2C, which are the financial solutions for secure yet simple and fast money transfers in a way convenient for your clients

·  Creation of solutions under the requests of monobanking: all range of financial services in one device

· Creation of billing solutions for the managing companies – the full automation of a system of financial relations

· The development of systems of payments for utility services for micro districts and residential complexes. The clients receive an easy way to pay for utility services not leaving their homes, while utility service companies receive the on-time payments for their services and high loyalty of dwellers

· Construction of the systems of payments alongside modern fintech solutions: e-money, PayPal, and others to use the maximum capabilities for creating financial settlements with clients

· Unique solutions to make P2P payments through Viber, Telegram, and Messenger – to make your business as mobile and close to your clients as it could be.


Modern medical technologies are pacing by leaps and bounds. The data accounting should not lag behind: it’s time to finally leave the paper cards and journals of the registration office in the past. iSolutions offers the introduction of modern technologies in the area of healthcare, which include the solutions for data processing about patients, their medical history, appointments, and so on. A transparent system of counteraction with patients not only eases the process of formation of treatment strategies (especially when several doctors are involved) but also improves the comfort of the patient, so their loyalty to the hospital and changes for recurring appointments increase.

Our software Meditech solutions include:

· The entire information about the patient gathered in one place (diagnosis, appointments, analysis of data) 

· High level of data protection. The data about a patient can be accessed only by a doctor and a patient

· Convenient and intuitively understood structure of the saved data

· 24/7 access

· The patient sees the entire information about own health and treatment. It is convenient for both, a patient and a doctor

· A modern approach for the service in the healthcare industry.

Software for medical institutions by iSolutions is a possibility to pace with time not only when it comes to the selection of schemes for treatment but also while building the entire work of a clinic, a cabinet, of a hospital, sanatorium, etc.


The insurance services market is the market, where the number of clients is directly dependent on the usage of modern technologies. A bright example is an insurance in the Western countries, which has been shifted to a digital format a long time ago. Our market of insurance services only begins to transform from paper services to modern technologies. iSuloutions offers solutions, which allow to speed up this process. Modern software for insurance companies is not just one step ahead, it’s a step towards a client. 

While your services are predominantly formed on paper, your business is built nearly blindly. Using the insurance software will make full-fledged analytics possible for you, using which, you can effectively develop your business, customize your products, increase the clientele base, and consider the weighted system of tariffs. 

Software by iSolutions is:

· A platform for financial settlements for a company. You receive the full managing over an own system of finances and will ease the financial interrelations with your customers

· Corporate solutions for insurance companies. You can have effective control over the work of an entire team

· Building an IT platform for financial settlements for an insurance market to be ahead of the competition and use modern solutions to the maximum.


A key factor of efficacy of everything when it comes to the Internet is security. An issue of information security on the Internet is the main priority when it comes to the development of software by iSolutions. Each and every solution that we create is been thought through very scrupulously and tested for many times to exclude a possibility of any vulnerability and to make sure the reliable informational protection. Software by iSolutions is a reliable control over the system, safety of your data, protection from infiltration of malware. 

We consider the following criteria when we work on every piece of software:

·   Preservation of full confidentiality

· The provision of accessibility of information for product users

· Preservation of wholeness of the used data

· Usage of program components for cryptography.

Compliance with these and many other criteria allows us to provide the creation of a reliable product for our customers, using which is completely secure for the confidentiality of their personal information and safety of finances. You may not worry about security on the Internet together with our products, as we have taken care of this for you.


We offer the full range of the development and integration of software under the business needs of your company. Such an approach allows us to reach high-quality results. Every our solution is a thoroughly elaborated, complete, and effectively working product, which allows bringing the work of your organization or business to a new level of functionality.

Every our products evolves through the following stages:

·  Making the business analysis of an object and automation processes – we are going to thoroughly investigate the sector of your activity, for which the solution will be developed, in order to discover the key requirements and needs, which a product should cover

·  Elaboration of the specifications. You and we are going to make a detailed specification, based on which we are elaborating algorithms and technologies of an upcoming development

·  Projecting microservices of interaction and object models. We scrupulously design the logical connections while developing the software

·  Projecting of a system of management for databases. We define, in what matter the management for databases is going to be done, and create an object model for such a management system.

·  Projecting and designing UI of the future user interfaces. We are going to look at the product from the point of view of a user and will form a comfortable and functional working interface.

·  Test of software. After the development is over, we are going to test the software thoroughly, with the involvement of outer experienced specialists, to make sure the quality control of the product and its compliance with the specifications from the technical and functional points of view.


The market of telecommunication stays one of the most economically perspective and fast developing. But the rates of the development of the industry completely depend on the coordinated work of departments, which requires effective automation. The development of software for the telecommunication market is our most interesting area of activity. The solutions that we offer help construct the client’s business processes in a way to maximize the profit from each customer. The coordinated work of all departments, fast and reliable cooperation with the client are given by the telecommunication companies thanks to the software by iSolutions.

We can create for you:

·  Effective and transparent billing systems

·  Content delivery networks (CDN)

·  IVR technologies

·  And many other solutions to form a unified informational environment for a company.

We help solve business tasks by modern methods by reducing the distance between a product and its consumer, increasing the speed of the provision of the service, and effectively controlling the actions of a company independently of its scale.

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We will contact with you soon